ivWatch Launches OEM Solution, Expands Executive Team to Support Global Sales and Partnerships

ivWatch OEM Board

ivWatch LLC today announced the launch of the ivWatch Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Board to enable seamless integration of ivWatch’s groundbreaking IV infiltration detection technology with patient monitoring systems, infusion pumps and other devices. By integrating ivWatch technology into existing products, OEMs will be able to help health care customers deliver a higher level of patient care and reduced risks related to IV therapy.

“The ivWatch OEM Board provides a way to leverage existing ivWatch technology and sensors and integrate them into the OEMs’ products and bring the benefits of real-time monitoring to more hospitals,” said Gary P. Warren, president and CEO of ivWatch LLC. “This new OEM solution is a natural extension of our mission of advancing patient safety, and we’re excited to work with global partners to make it a reality.”

IV therapy is the most common invasive hospital procedure. Yet failure rates due to infiltration are pegged at more than 20 percent. Every failure of an IV results in a drug delivery error and carries the potential for reduced drug efficacy and physical harm. Complications range from skin redness, burning, tissue necrosis and compartment syndrome to possible limb amputation.

ivWatch technology is the first of its kind to offer a solution for continuously monitoring an IV site and assessing if drugs are actually being delivered to the vein without leakage. With the ivWatch OEM Board, ivWatch technology can be seamlessly embedded into other devices, enabling continuous IV monitoring to become a part of standard-of-care workflows, with clinically proven high accuracy to catch IV infiltrations before a clinician, or the patient, is aware that there is a problem.

To support its strategic growth plans, ivWatch is expanding its executive team.

Scott Hensley has recently joined ivWatch as vice president of sales. Prior to joining ivWatch, Hensley served as regional vice president of sales at biosensor technology company Masimo Corp., where he had worked since 2004.

Melissa Fire, previously ivWatch’s vice president of sales and business development, will lead the company’s OEM initiative in a new position as vice president of global strategy and business development. In this role, Fire will be responsible for developing global strategic partnerships to drive the widespread adoption of ivWatch technology.

Additional information and specifications for the ivWatch OEM Board can be found at www.ivwatch.com/oem-solutions.

About ivWatch

ivWatch LLC is a medical device manufacturer focused on improving patient safety and effectiveness of intravenous therapy. Similar to continuous monitors available for a patient’s heart, blood oxygen level and pulse, ivWatch provides a first-of-its-kind, FDA-cleared, noninvasive medical device that continuously monitors peripheral IVs for infiltration and extravasation events. The ivWatch Model 400 aims to help eliminate patient harm associated with adverse events and reduce drug delivery errors. Follow us on Twitter@ivWatch or Facebook @ivWatchLLC. www.ivwatch.com

MEDIA CONTACT: Leah Moore, leah.moore@ivwatch.com, Office (855) 489-2824 x7031, Mobile (757) 839-5653

The ivWatch OEM Board is not an FDA-cleared device. It is the responsibility of the Original Equipment Manufacturer integrating ivWatch technology to secure the proper regulatory clearance.

Source: ivWatch LLC


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