Industry: Healthcare Technology

Founded: 2010

ivWatch, LLC is a medical device manufacturer focused on improving the safety and effectiveness of intravenous (IV) therapy.

IV therapy is a basic yet critical component of care in hospital and outpatient settings, but it has a high failure rate - in even the best of hands. Continuous monitors exist to keep track of patients’ heart, blood oxygen levels and pulse rates. Until now, no technology has been available to continuously monitor the health of a patient’s IV site, and whether drugs or fluids are being delivered through the vein or leaking into the tissue.

The ivWatch Model 400 is a FDA-cleared device to help clinicians monitor the status of a patient’s IV to aid in the early detection of peripheral IV infiltrations and extravasations. Through the use of non-invasive sensor technology, the ivWatch Model 400 can help reduce potentially serious medication dosing errors and associated patient harm from infiltration events.   

A continuously monitored peripheral IV also offers an alternative to more intrusive vascular access devices when medically indicated.  Use of these devices has increased, but can also pose significant risk of harm to patients and greater cost and liability for hospitals. 

ivWatch has the potential to transform IV therapy by improving patient care and safety, and offering health care providers a much-needed, reliable and cost-effective solution for continuously monitoring peripheral IVs.